The Atlas of New Librarianship: Librarians

Embracing the Chaos

I like a certain amount of activity, and even a bit of uncertainty.  So when I decided to go back to school, and knew I wanted to teach, I gravitated to the role of teacher librarian.  I heard the school library described as the “nerve center” of the school and thought, ok, that’s the place for me.

Obviously, a thing or twenty has changed in the field in the last few years, but the library should still be like a busy switchboard, with the librarian as the operator, making connections.  This Atlas has outlined the changes that are coming in the sea change that we are in the middle of, and now it is up to us to implement them.

Our world is getting more and more social, with almost every aspect becoming more democratic and grassroots.  This applies to the information sciences most of all, and as the Atlas says, we should embrace it.  If we want to be relevant, we need to find something that needs doing and do it, not complain about how amazing google is!  We can create the frameworks that allow people to connect and do big things, and have a hand in some of that doing ourselves while we’re at it.

If I sound idealistic, that’s because I am.  Why shouldn’t I be?  Everything is changing in information and technology and now is the time to be a leader into the next chapter….of this e-book or digital library or social catalog!

For my gateway class at Syracuse University I was assigned to read and blog about my professor David Lankes’ most recent book, The Atlas of New Librarianship.


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